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Mesa County

8,000 SF


Services Provided

Alternatives Analysis/ Planning, Architectural Design

Originally constructed in 2010, Mesa County’s Animal Services building developed floor damage due to unstable soils almost immediately.  The damage became so severe over the following years to render the building unusable.  Blythe Group was retained in 2016 to identify alternatives for repair or replacement.  This study identified repair as the most economical alternative.  To do this, operations were relocated to temporary structures while the permanent building was completely gutted, leaving just the foundation, exterior walls, and roof which had all been stable.  Inside, the concrete slab on grade was removed completely and a crawlspace dug to prevent contact with the Earth.  Micropiles were drilled and installed to support a steel floor structure that a new slab was poured over, followed by all the walls, doors and finishes.  Mesa County reoccupied in November 2017.

The First Responder Training Facility fulfills the need for regional fire training in Western Colorado. Completion of Phase I will enable initial training capabilities for the City of Grand Junction and Western Colorado. 

Phase I: 

Development of Site utilities 

Securing Site perimeter

Construction of a secure entrance

Development/ implementation of a pond for first responder training use

Landscape berm development of physical barrier between existing cemetery           adjacent to the current site

Construction of a 4 story burn tower

Phase II:

Design and development of a training facility

Development of the remaining portion of Site

Services Provided

Master Plan

Project Details




City of Grand Junction

4,350 SF

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